On a recent day trip, I picked up a few items at a great natural foods/gourmet grocery store.  The longer I was there, the more fun I had: organic and fresh coffees, teas, fruits, meats, lots of free samples. All kinds of things are sold at places like this you just can’t find anywhere else.


* Fresh honey roasted peanut butter, and I mean fresh. You only think you’ve tasted peanut butter until you’ve had it dispensed straight from the grinder: peanuts on top, butter squirting out the bottom.

* Delicious, juicy, seedless champagne grapes: a healthy food for young ones (and tons of entertainment for moms watching their babies grab at the rolling little balls).

* All kinds of fruit in season – really plump and fresh-smelling. And I got to taste first. My three-year-old saw me do this, and then thought this was allowed for any product in the store. 

* About a million blocks of cheese. When Ms. Martha Stewart lists a kind you’ve never heard of as an integral ingredient it on her website, you can probably find it at a store like this.

* In the health section: herbs, spices, pills – natural cures for whatever ails you. I even found some hypo-allergenic, vegetarian vitamins for kids. In the shape of animals.

I can’t be the only one who finds that amusing.



And then there were free samples of this. Fabulous! I didn’t know there was such a thing. I grabbed a handful of packets for the next time Daddy is away, and I’ve got the kids all to myself.