I’m fresh back from taking’ a little trip with my family. We had a good time away from our regular life, complete with lots of fun, sun, sweat, and good food – much of which someone else cooked.

Lots of Most people travel way more than we do, and have far betterduck_tub traveling advice than I could offer. But, our first hotel stay as a family notwithstanding, this was a pretty good, albeit short, initiation into vacationhood with a couple kids in tow.

I’m so glad we:

…picked a destination that required less than two hours of traveling time. It kept the peace and stayed the sanity. Translation: Our vehicle does NOT have a DVD player.

…splurged for the hotel/condo with a separate room for the kiddos. Our boys even had their own kitchenette. Now, if only they knew how to cook breakfast.

…used the big, jetted tub for an awesome play pen. It – along with just a little bit of soap and several water-blasting pipes also made for fabulous entertainment for a three-year old. Just imagine a young kid in a dome full of water with suds up to his neck. More fun than a ball pit.

…had some plans for some days, and no plans for other days. It was fun to decide in the morning where we might go later on that day. It was necessary to be flexible with children who were missing out on regular naps, yet still waking up at 6:00.

…did things the whole family enjoyed. ‘Cause unless you’re just getting away with your spouse, it’s useless to think you’ll get some time to yourselves it’s really best to remember that it’s all about the kids. Again, peace and sanity, baby. Peace and sanity.

Summer’s comin’ to an end. Have you had your vacation?

image credit: Flickr photo by Cyron