Recently finished and now resting peacefully on my nightstand:


Silent Heart by Barbara Youree is a beautifully written historical romance. Complete with hope, tragedy, and suspense,  the story of yearning love between Francoise and Stefano plays out eloquently from the first page to the last. I loved the societal issues raised in this story, set in 17th century Italy, as well as the theme of perseverance and faith in God.

 This is Book One in Youree’s Renaissance Brides series, and I will definintely be reading the rest.



Online Reading

Head on over to Brain, Child Magazine website and check out this article by Bridget Kevane: Guilty As Charged. It’s kind of a take on the whole Free Range Kids idea.

What do you think?


And then there’s this issue: the laundry line. Apparentely, this has been an issue in a number of communities for some time.

The Right to Dry Campaign

Time Magazine: Fighting for the Right to Dry

CBS  The Right to Dry  (video)

Really, who would have thought?