For some girls, it’s shoes, for others, it’s all clothing. And still for some, it’s weird and unmentionable things.

For me, it’s bags. No, not the ones under my eyes–those I try to hide.


It’s the big purse, the laptop bag, the backpack, the messenger bag, the book bag, the diaper bag, and the super book bag/diaper bag/purse/document-holder bag.

I like ’em big and not too fancy. No leopard print or paisley for me. My over–the–shoulder holders tend to be a little manly. Most I own are some shade of brown or beige. All have their special features which-as I tell my husband-makes them all special for certain purposes.

That’s right, I use every bag I have. I switch them up and change them around according to my needs for that month, that week, that day. Of course, the trouble that comes with that is forgetting to transfer my schedule calendar or coupon book over to the “new” bag, or making sure to include a few toddler toys and snacks for my little man.

Of course, my bags often hold more than I ever use on a single visit. But when I need something, I need it, you know? Hand wipes? I’ve got some. Extra crackers? Right in the bag for my little boy. Chapstick? Hand lotion? A diaper? I’m the girl with the stuff. And I’ve almost always got a book somewhere in my bag for that long wait at the doctor’s office.


And if you’re with me and you’re missing something you need? Don’t worry…

’cause I’ve got your back bag.