So, about a month ago, I wrote about  my resistance to various kinds of technology, including networking sites like Facebook. Then I joined, and whoa; it was pretty crazy and overwhelming and kind of fun. It was also interesting to discover there were already photos of me on the site. From middle school. And high school. And on a camping trip.


But of course, now I think it’s pretty cool. I’ve caught up with friends from high school and childhood, and stay somewhat caught up with friends I left behind when I moved away from my hometown. I’m excited to hear about family, activities, school, kids, jobs, and everyday life.

And I’m totally entertained by the “wall” posts even though I go through days where I don’t take the time to scroll through and catch up. I’m able to hear about people needing prayer, and how others’ families are doing.

But you know, it’s not all good; sometimes people are sharing just too much information. I recently found out about a friend who now apparentely owns a coffee shop. In Colorado. Where I don’t live.

I mean that’s just the kind of thing I’m not sure I want to know.