I’m finally learning to ease up on myself.

Baby Three is due very soon. I’m busy, busy with household responsibilities, ministry, writing work, child-raising, continuing education, and, let’s just say… etc.

stock.xchng image credit: candle in hand by alexkalina

Because you get the idea, right?

Your life is probably no different, and perhaps even busier. In order to keep on keepin’ on, I’ve sat back, listened, prayed, and listened again.

I don’t have to do it all. I don’t have to please anyone but my Lord. Ultimately, he’s the One I’m supposed to obey. If I do that, I will properly fulfill all other roles and responsibilities.

So, first things first:

1. Less Christmas decorating. There’s only so much garland I can wrap and fragile ceramic snowmen I can display while keeping my lion of a toddler at bay. Everyone gets it: it’s Christmas.

2. Less travel. Yeah, it’s really because of Baby, but we are not missing out on family. We are visiting with the close ones, and making the far away ones come to us. And cook for us. And babysit. And clean (I think).

Again, you get the point.

3. The Christmas letter, which was 2/3 completed in October (no joke), vanished on my computer. It’s just as well. I probably won’t rewrite and send it out until the New Year and after the New Baby. If even then.

4. Finally, between now and Christmas, I’m instituting a mostly paper-plate-and-plastic-utensil policy. Reusing ’em during a day, then tossin’ them in the trash. And I won’t take any flak from anyone about being green. When I garden, I compost. I take 5-minute showers, and my husband and I are devoted consumers of used books.

So, here’s to a Christmas season for you that focuses on the Savior, those in need, the family, and the friends.

Stuff that distracts from the spirit thereof just ain’t worth a hassle.