Hey Parents. You don’t need lots of fancy toys and contraptions for your kids. Just use the stuff you have hangin’ around at home for early childhood needs in all areas of development


book_weightLeather Book Weight

The best and least expensive can be found at Barnes and Noble.

adults: this handy tool keeps pages in place for reading

babies: the best teether money can buy

Baby Monitor

adults: to hear the cries so you can go running, or to sit back and take in a light show with this one

kids: walkie talkie, pretend cell phone

Fly swatter

adults: killing flies, gnats, wasps

kids: practicing large motor skills, striking dust bunnies, clearing the fridge of grocery lists, photos, and magnets, knocking figurines off the bookshelf

Hand-held Mirror

adults: vanity

kids: a tool to entertain themselves by shining the reflection of bright light on the floor, the ceiling, in your eyes