dog_at_beachYou know, I’ve already penned my rant about dogs running wild. But I really do hope that as summer comes, people will be out more with their pets, especially their dogs: letting them get plenty of air, sunshine, exercise, and attention – all without allowing them to traverse the streets unsupervised or run at unsuspecting pedestrians.

You know the scene in Marley and Me when all the dogs are let loose at the beach? What fun they had running into the water and frolicking in the wet sand. I felt their inhibited joy.

Really I did.  

But alas, calling their pet back from the shore line isn’t going to happen for people don’t train their dogs to really obey their commands.

Amazingly, here’s the thing: you can keep a leash or collar on your canine.  Fancy, no? Gear is available. I can almost guarantee you can locate such geat at any number of nationwide pet stores (Petco,  Petsmart), your local pet shops. 

It can even be done in style, for those dogs with especially prestigious tastes, and for those owners whose furry friends are akin (or even more important than) their human family members (Dean & Tyler products have high quality accessories for the most discerning dog owner).


Ideally, the leashes will come off from time to time and your dog will be allowed to roam (on your property) untethered. Maybe then they won’t be tempted to seek out their fun everywhere else.


image credit: Flickr photo by R. Stanek