stethoscope…and a cute one to boot.

Recently, when the littlest man was experiencing a particularly difficult moment, our personal physician/his brother, complete with a medical kit, stepped in to assist.

Surprisingly, Baby sat still, though eyeing the little doctor with caution.

Doc first used a wiry, plastic stethoscope to check baby’s heart and lungs. Fake hacking noises burst out from the contraption’s speaker. I was thinking he should tell that kid to lay off the cigarettes.

Next, out came the blood pressure cuff. Though it was hard to get a snug grip on the fat rolling off baby’s arm, he was able to get some kind of reading as the little man opened his mouth wide and eyed the object covetously.

A shot, a little jabbing at the skin with the tweezers, a temperature check, and the doctor pronounced his patient healthy.

With baby quiet and happily gnawing away on the blood pressure cuff, I was satisfied. Great is the doctor who can run a swift but thorough checkup and not cause a baby to cry.

Even better…

There wasn’t a waiting room visit before the appointment. At its end, I didn’t have to shell out a co-pay. No bill arrived in the mail, and I was relieved of having to double-check a jargon-filled health benefit plan.

So Mr. President, may the wisdom of Solomon be upon you and all the lawmakers  in your quest for America’s health care. But I’ve already got a pretty good thing going on here.


And since this doctor makes house calls, I think we’ll stick with him.


image credit: stock xchnge photo by lusi