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A House in Need of Renewal

Decluttering was not any kind of official goal for me in 2016. It was more a continuing thought in my head of knowing, for years, that areas of our house needed to be organized and simplified. And I knew that organization meant getting rid of stuff. And I had lots of stuff.

Boy, did I not realize just how much.

All the stuff crept up on me because while I love organization, I struggle with the processes that support it. Plus, it’s in my genes (which is totally not my fault).

                                              How I like things to be


Like that one process about how we’re supposed to get rid of the same number of things that we bring in the house. New shoes. Christmas gifts. Kids.  I’ve since heard about this process from several naturally-organized friends (I hang out with a few. A few.) It was brand new information to me. I have never, ever done that.

Thus, clutter.


How things usually are

Oh, I know the websites. (Hello, Flylady.) The tasks. The 5-minute increments. The 15-minute increments. The timer. These things can work. But my 2016 family obligations and schedules created overwhelm.

Me and mine were pretty far gone. We needed help. Outside assistance. Experts. Labor.

And Then I Got Help


First, I met Mary. She’s cool, and so is her FB community. Mary moved away. She was kind enough to arrange for a colleague to come over to my house.

That’s when I met Amber. We consulted. I hired her. It’s a whole story.

That (long and cluttered) story made short: most of the rooms in our house have been cleaned out. Somewhere around 30ish bags of trash and 40 boxes of donations. There’s still work to do, because Christmas gifts, out of town trips, and the joyful exhaustion of a holiday well-spent. And life. #morestuff

I’m attacking additional areas and rooms in 2017, doing some on my own, and using what I learned from the professionals, as well as those systems and processes that fit who I am and how I roll.

If you need an overhaul, consider making the investment to outsource some of the help and work. If you need a few tweaks to your systems and processes (like I’m using for maintaining the decluttering), the Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle is Almost Here.

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Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle

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A bundle of information including help for:
  • decluttering
  • family organization
  • time management
  • cleaning & chores
  • organizing paperwork and digital files
  • binders for the homestead, for Christmas, for Thanksgiving, for homeschool mom life, and a travel planning binder and toolkit
A few of the titles you’ll get with this bundle:
  • 10 Steps to Organizing Photos and Memorabilia by Lisa Woodruff
  • Paperwork: Sorted! by Brett Kelly
  • Never-Ending To-Do List: A One-Hour Solution for Busy Parents Who Want  Less Stress And More Fun by Kelly Holmes
  • 2017 Homestead Management Printables by Quinn Veon
  • 2017 Thanksgiving Planner by Mandi Ehman
  • The Home Management Binder & Family Planner by Helena Alkhas
  • Exclusive $20 credit to SaneBox ($20 value) Hey, I use SaneBox. Like it a lot. 🙂

Dates for this price on the Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle: January 25 through January 30. You can go ahead and click on the images and links here to be notified/reminded when the sale starts this week.

totally uncluttered computer area photo, courtesy of janeb 13 on pixabay