My little man is a voracious eater. So a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do to keep decent snacks on hand for the ever-present desperation of his hungry little tummy. Aside from limiting food portions and forbidding grazing during the day, the kitchen is stocked with (mostly) healthy foods.

Snacks in my pantry I’m proud for all to see (for both me and my little boy): all natural peanut butter-filled pretzels, homemade salsa, popcorn kernels (for stove top popping), granola bars, wheat crackers, all natural graham crackers, raisins, cereal.

Snacks I’m a little sheepish to confess: tortilla chips, potato chips, croutons.

Occasional snacks I’m downright embarrassed about (but not enough to stop eating): mini tacos, Rotel & Velveeta cheese (you know, for that famous dip), candy coated peanuts.

Thanks to The Parent Bloggers Network for cluing me in to snacks that are both easy and preservative-free, like food from Brothers All Natural.