The recipe introduced this post is one I wrote for a client. They liked it so much they paid me for it. 

Yay, it’s fall! I wish I could say there was a slight chill in the air today, but it’s 88 degrees where I sit, so I’ll have to wait awhile longer to break out the sweatshirt-and-short combo.

But I can certainly break out the food. And you know, nothing says fall like pumpkins chocolate. 

Chocolate Zucchini Bread Recipe

I have a warm loaf of Chocolate Zucchini Bread With Chocolate Chunks for you. (Well, the recipe for it, anyway.) WITH. CHOCOLATE. CHUNKS. The recipe is at Taste Arkansas. Grab fresh chocolate at the grocery store. Some places, you can even get fresh zucchini clear through the early fall season.

Bake a loaf. Or two. Or, if you have a quiver full of children and a spouse who is gone a lot for business, bake at least three. Because in such situations, you want food to multitask for you. After you make this scrumptious bread…

  • warm a loaf for breakfast and serve with bananas or jelly
  • freeze a loaf and slice frozen pieces to give to your husband/wife for the trip
  • set out some of the remaining breakfast loaf for an after-school snack one day this week
  • and set out more for breakfast
  • hide the third loaf in the way back of the refrigerator or freezer for yourself
  • eat some after the children go to school, or pack it in your own lunch
  • drink it with afternoon tea so you’re all fueled up to see the kiddos after school

Go on, make a loaf. (Or three). It’s almost as good as better than pumpkins.