Birthdays for young kids needn’t be expensive, extravagant affairs. While they’re still too young enough to demand an over-the-top event, have fun with a low-key approach.


Here’s my recipe for a good, though not totally-(over) organized-from-top-to-with-games-and-exquisite-party-favors-for-all-ages-involved-with-candy-and-pop-and-prizes-to-boot for a three-year old boy:

1. Family, including grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins.

2. A few kid friends (not too many, mind you). You are under no obligation to invite everyone you and your child knows.

3. A few adult friends. With such a young one, it’s really about the grown-ups getting together, right?

4. A spacious yard sprinkled with balls, riding toys, and adult supervision (preferably in the spring after daylight savings begins).

5. A prayer for great weather.

6. A first aid kit.

7. Sandwich fixins and chips.

8. Homemade cake and ice cream.

9. Balloons and toys strategically placed in the house.

10. Great conversation and the ability to let go of your concern about when the kids will get to bed that night.

11. Strong coffee for the adults (some suggest alcohol, but in our house freshly ground java beans is as strong as it gets)…it may produce the opposite effect, but it does the job and is a drug nonetheless.


image credit: Flickr photo by Sarah Quinn Armitt