…and speaking of being back in the saddle, it has been over two weeks since my second child was born, and I’m still feeling kind of like I’m healing from riding a horse for a really long time.

Things around here are just starting to settle post baby-birth. Somewhat, that is.


Despite my lack of sleep, I’m trying to catch up with current events that have occurred. I’m pretty sure we elected a new president, and it seems that gas prices have miraculously dropped. The weather certainly got chilly and there are leaves all over the place. And, if I didn’t feel it before, I’m now really outnumbered in this house.

Current events in my home:

My toddler man-affectionately termed “Baby One” by his aunt-realizes this new crying, living thing is here to stay and won’t be going back from whence he came. I’m short on sleep, but much tougher this time around at dealing with it. Of course, the old adage of sleeping when the baby sleeps is now out of the question unless I plan to let Baby One run wild.

“Baby Two” doesn’t particularly appreciate being put down…but he is starting to get used it. ‘Cause that’s just the way it is in this house. I don’t mind doing a little baby wearing w/my earth-mothery-type sling, but I don’t like the idea of making it a habit. This kid’s gotta learn to comfort himself.

There are a few new rules around here (I’m trying to heed my former education professor’s advice of making rules for young children as specific as possible):

1. No putting toy airplanes on baby’s head.

2. No putting toy cars on baby’s head.

3. No putting anything on baby’s head. This includes feet.

Haven’t got time to type out more rules. The baby I’m wearing is starting to cry.