* McCain’s got a negative ad out about Barack Obama

* The media keeps insinuating that McCain could fall over dead at any moment

* Obama likes to use the phrase “the Republicans” a lot in deragatory ways, as if:

a) he doesn’t realize he’s disrespecting about half the country

b) he has every intention to be the partisan leader he claims he’s not

* People complain that if a Republican president is voted into office, it will start several years of battles between him and a Democratic Congress, as if it’s the voters’ fault that our elected politicians won’t work together.


Meanwhile, the government is stealing our social security and adding to the enormous debt that will be carried, I suspect, for several generations in this country.

I am going to work on my own “I Have a Dream Speech,” on what it would be like to have a government free from the strangles of partisanship and personal agendas; one that is truly concerned for the people it represents.