Dear Sunday Morning (and Ms. Stahl),

I’ve been a watcher of your program for several years now. I have appreciated the good journalism, the humor, and the amount of time allowed for each story (which differs greatly from the  as-fast-as-you-can news pieces delivered by the weekday morning shows).

What a shock it was during last Sunday’s episode (March 29) when – during Leslie Stahl’s story about Patti Davis -you felt it necessary to actually show a photo of Ms. Davis back when she posed on the cover of Playboy magazine.

At 9:00 on a Sunday morning.

Do the writers for CBS Sunday Morning and Ms. Stahl lack such creativity that they couldn’t tell us about the photo, rather than actually showing it? It was sensationalistic to say the least.

If I want to see that kind of trash, I can watch any number of lousy, low-quality shows that producers try to pass off as news programming. Better yet, I can just watch reruns of Sex and the City or pick up a copy of Playboy itself, since it apparentely is no longer any different than watching you.

I do hope that you reconsider allowing this kind of thing to make it past editing in the future. But I doubt I’ll be watching to notice.


Rhonda, the Coffeehouse Mom