Today this coffeehouse mom had a chance for her semi-regular retreat to the java shop. I was able to revise articles as well as work on some new writing, and it was a delight. Making myself comfortable, I basked in an environment of jazz music, the whirring of the espresso machine, and the pleasure of working-uninterrupted -for the better part of three hours.

All this in addition to receiving some great customer service. Of course, I’ve already penned my own little “manifesto” about writing in a coffeehouse, but today was especially nice. The employees were kind and welcoming, and seemed to genuinely appreciate my presence. What a treat. They checked on me a couple of times, refilled my water, and allowed me to participate in a coffee-tasting before I left.

It’s not that this cafe has over-the-top service, it’s just that they provide really pleasant, basic service to their customers: something extremely hard to come by these days. They greet familiar customers by name, keep the line moving, and always say thanks. Yes, it’s true! Great customer service is alive and well and still out there, even in my small corner of the universe for a simple gal like me.

Ah….someone else doing the cooking, the cleaning, and the coffee making.

What more could a girl ask for?