Moby Dick Named State’s Epic Novel

Ok, so it’s almost hard for me to make too much fun of this. It is after all a somewhat literary pursuit, I suppose. However, is this what lawmakers should be spending their time on? How much time did this take to pass this bill?

I also wonder just how many of the lawmakers who voted on this have actually read Moby Dick, or any of the other books in the running by authors such as Louisa May Alcott or Nathanial Hawthorne?

It’s almost as funny as when the state of Arkansas did this. All it would’ve taken for the state to realize the correct spelling of its possessive form would have been to take a look at The Elements of Style, or any other good grammar/punctuation book for that matter.


Have you heard about the latest spoiled boy of the NFL?

Pacman Deserves Punishment for Stupidity

While I have to agree that there’s plenty of stupidity to go around in this situation,  but it sounds to me as if Adam Jones isn’t the stupid one, he’s just wrapping the NFL around his finger like those who came before him.

It’s the National Football League that needs to wise up.

Apparently, this guy has caused so much trouble that he has bodyguards around the clock to keep him out of trouble. Recently, he got into a skirmish with one of them. Shocking.

It’s pure cowardice on the part of professional sports organizations in this country that they don’t kick these guys out at the first sign of real trouble. Teams and coaches and owners are far too concerned about losing precious talent and money


The NFL finally suspended this guy, which we all know means one thing:

Be on the lookout for his comeback.