What I Cannot Live Without as a Parent

There are a lot of modern conveniences I would not like to live without as a parent. First, I’d have to say a pak ‘n play that functions as a play pen and bed (aka kid cage). I also love the bouncy seat so my baby can have a great time bouncing away. Of course, disposable diapers are an absolute mus


Oh, who am I kidding??? Let’s get real….


What I Really Cannot Live Without (or at least choose not to)

1. A daily cup of coffee. Or two. Or three. Preferably with a shot of espresso. Or two.

2. Tylenol for me, and occasionally for my kids. But mostly for me.

3. A good sense of humor. If you don’t already have this as a parent, get one.

4. Support and guidance from other friends who are also moms. This is self-explanatory.

5. Friends who are not moms. To warn me when I am dressing too much like a mom before Oprah’s makeover team shows up my door.

6. Family. For the free babysitting.

7. Concealer. The kind that goes on under my eyes after a long night of no sleep.

8. Kid-friendly TV programs. You heard me.

9. Afternoon naps. Theirs. So I can get mine.

10. The ability to get on my knees daily. In prayer. And then help to get back up again.


Two more conveniences that are pretty handy: The Parent Bloggers Network and Yogurt for Kids.