Out and about on my own one day, I spotted a multi-family garage sale sign advertising lots of items for kids. I zoomed on over and walked up to two strollers sitting side by side on the front lawn. The scenario went a little like this:

*  I immediately placed one hand on each stroller and began looking them over.

* In an instant, the two Dad-owners of the strollers walked over to me, each trying to market their product like used-car salesmen (although totally honest and without too much pressure).

* There was some laughing and joking and I asked a few questions, pretending like I was a savvy bargain hunter who knew exactly what she was doing.

* I turn the strollers over and look at the undersides as if I’m looking under the hood of a car. This kept the two Dads alert and at my beck and call.

* I asked them each to demonstrate how the strollers folded and unfolded. Both go get their wives.

* I tested out the features of each stroller to make sure all the parts are in good working condition.

* At this point I realized that the six months of babyhood we had survived without a stroller is about to come to and end.

All this in time for a little family getaway out of town at the end of the month-where we promptly spent any money saved that day, and then some.


A stroller purchased at a garage sale:



The satisfaction of finding a $100 dollar stroller in perfectly good condition and at such a great price–complete with shock absorbers, canopy, one-handed steering option, cup holder, removable padding, lay-down bed, storage baskets, and tray accessories:



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