DISCLAIMER IN ALL CAPS: I’m not a nurse, a doctor, a dietician, a physical trainer, or a therapist of any kind. I’m sharing my advice and education on water and hydration. If you want a professional opinion, well, you’ll probably have to pay money and see a…you know, professional. 


Hydration Is a Thing


25 years ago, overweight and eating an unhealthy diet, I received my first massage. The masseuse told me in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t drinking enough water.

I know because she said, “You’re not drinking enough water.”

Not long after that massage, I hit a point where getting the weight off and getting healthy was no longer about thinking or trying, but doing. And I did, cold turkey. And that started a habit of drinking water.

I wrote about the adventure of weight loss and journey to healthy habits here.

And now I’m thirsty all the time, pretty much.


How to Drink Water During the Day


Water Can Help with Weight Control…and More


Take someone else’s word, check here: Water and Stress Reduction at WebMD and here: Water: The secret to weight loss? at CNN


Throughout out weight fluctuations that come and (don’t really) go with pregnancy, I never lost my habit of drinking water. I have a bottle with me at all times, and when I don’t, I’m anxious and irritable. My low-carb, higher protein diet kind of requires a bit more water, but I’ve also learned that stomaches, headaches, and tiredness can be the result of dehydration. I often get super thirsty after getting irritated whilst parenting, and I’ve learned that downing a half-quart of water can help stave off the desire to put unhealthy snacks in my mouth and stress eat away.

So 85% of the time, I’m able to do that. The other 15% find me gorging on Junior Mints and salty things.

Be a guzzler, not a gorger. Also, get regular massages. 😉

How to get into the habit of drinking water


9 Times to Guzzle Water During Your Day


1. Upon waking. Yo body is thirsty after all the sleepy time.

2. Before a meal.

3. Every time you feel hungry (& before you eat).

4. Every time you feel tired or low on energy.

5. Every time you have a headache, even if you do take medicine for it.

6. When you feel lethargic.

7. When you’re sick or feeling not-so-great.

8. When you’re especially stressed. You know, after a kid has thrown down one of THOSE tantrums.

9. After you yell at someone. (Or maybe that’s just for me.)

that big photo at the top: a cool drink of water (with lemon) by nastogadka at pixabay