With all the comforts of modern conveniences, I worry my children will get a little lazy in their bodies when it comes to physical activity. To combat this, I’ve been a mom who counts physical activity for children as something as important as education and healthy eating. I don’t let a little thing like a half-mile keep us from walking somewhere. I refuse to use 100-degree weather or 2-degree weather as an excuse for not getting outside, even if for a little while.


Establishing a Movement Mindset With Your Family


Movement is a mindset, I believe. Sometimes, movement can come naturally in one’s job or lifestyle, other times it might have to be forced into habit often because of job (hello, pilots) or lifestyle.

People have less reason for natural movement today than in years’ past: cars, remote controls, washing machines. These innovative inventions, while saving us time and energy, also keep us from moving in ways our bodies were created to move.

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How to Include Physical Activity into Your Family’s Regular Routine

10 Facts on Physical Activity from the World Health Organization

1. Take breaks from sedentary activities to move around. I’m looking at you: road trips and family holiday celebrations. Use those rest stops to run laps and do jumping jacks. Take a walk or start a family football game after eating all of that food on the Fourth of July or Thanksgiving. Don’t let your body get comfortable with hours on end of sitting.

2. Be the role model. No groaning about a long walks and taking stairs. If it’s part of your lifestyle, it will be easier for them to make it part of theirs.

parents are a role model in fitness

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