The iPhone 5 was my first, I mean my VERY first phone with photos and texting and the internet. Though my friends chided me for my lack of technological advancement, I held out to the bitter end.

Now, I’m no techy expert. For technology trends, go see Evolved Mommy. For real blogging & website assistance, follow Blogging With Amy.

But I still have a VCR  and a landline phone, so my perspective isn’t one you’ll hear every day. What I’ve discovered about this ridiculous little contraption:

1. I have saved quite a bit of money by waiting this long to buy a smartphone.

2. Smartphones can be a great marriage tool. There’s an app for this: I can make a grocery list, and never, ever leave it at home. Bonus: I can send it to my husband, who can go shopping on his way home.

3. I will be taking waaay too many photos. I’m in danger of becoming one of those parents who over-shares their children’s cute moments/accomplishments/faces full of pasta sauce on Facebook. Sorry.

4. Being able to answer emails in the car line at my son’s school is the greatest thing in the world. Yay for productivity and time management.

5. Texting is cool and all, but fiddling with all those little buttons makes me feel like an old person.

6. I can trust my smartphone to use its spell-check feature to change, “mert” to “meet.”

7. On the other hand, I must remember that it can change the word “friend” to “grieve,” so I still have to proofread.

8. iTunes is better than a mixtape. I’m old enough to remember those. Are you?

9. On that note, iTunes is probably where I’m going to lose my life savings.

10. Siri isn’t all that impressive. She won’t obey commands to cook supper, fold laundry, or sort mail. Seriously, that chick needs to take on some chores.

11. The best tech support for a smartphone is any tween I know. Those 14, 13, 11-year-olds are better than an online tutorial, and handier than an app.

What’s the best thing for you about your phone? 

stock xchng photo by Loraw2000 (because I don’t yet know how to take a photo of my iPhone, with my iPhone)