All the seasons bring new pleasures and new learning opportunities for children. The best way to educate is in the natural course of the day, and springtime seems to offer a whole lot of real-life, hands-on leaning opportunities every day.

I’m trying to teach and show my kids all of these things, and help them appreciate the joys of new life this time of year. I hope it sticks.

What’s your favorite thing about spring?


13 Educational Springtime Opportunities for Children


  1. How to clean out and clean up a vegetable garden for the new season.
  2. All kinds of springtime life science activities.
  3. The cooperation involved in taking a hike with other people. Hike’s are a great way to teach patience and perseverance. Especially when your destination is a playground. Or a snack.
  4. Observing blooming flowers.
  5. How to plant vegetables. Have the kids help.
  6. Watching perennials come back to life, often larger than the year before.
  7. Watching bees pollinate flowers. And learning that bees probably won’t kill them.
  8. The joys of playing in a dirt pile. Because life doesn’t have enough recess.
  9. The satisfaction of climbing a tree. #unstructuredplay
  10. Playing in the mud. Less fun for us parents, maybe.
  11. How to deadhead flowers. This can be a great transition chore for kids.
  12. Observing, collecting, recording skills. You know: science. It’s the best way to help them apply what they’re learning in school.
  13. How refreshing the outdoors can be (mentally, physically, emotionally). Except for those pollen-filled days, of course.