This week, on spring break, my husband and I reached a new level of cool with our kids. (I’m not sure how cool we were to them before).

I showed my children how to make a fortune teller, the paper things we made in school to find out who we liked and what we were going to be when we grew up. We made some together.

Boy One thought my skills were like, “awesome.”

(Of course my sons are very young, and I haven’t yet lost my ability to be awesome to them.)

I drew eyes on our paper creations and called them puppets.

They drew teeth on their origami, and called them monsters.

At some point, the contraptions became fighter-thingys and they all went running around the house.  Good times.

The next day, Daddy made paper airplanes. #Moreawesomethanmom

I never knew those origami skills I learned from my friends in elementary school would come in so handy for future kid entertainment. It’s a really fun (dare I say awesome) thing to watch my children enamored with skills we learned as children.

The fortune tellers I made never predicted that.

flickr photo by vivekkhurana