Coffee House Mom

It’s listening to my son make superhero noises in the bathroom while he is brushing his teeth, the 6.2 minutes when all three children are reading one book together (in peace), watching my sons become the cutest boy band ever with their perfect rhythm, and air guitars, swaying and singing in front of the fireplace.

It’s also the spilled supper plate, the dropped (and broken) pitcher, the kid who breaks free from your hand and runs into the parking lot.

The big things, the tragedies, the successes may, in part, define us and our character in big ways. But we live those out in the minutes and hours of the day and the days of the week. Our choices, our habits, our work for His glory.

The daily grind is how we live our lives.

It’s the encouragement and advice and instructions of the Proverbs: sometimes, seemingly small stuff. All added up, though, the sum is great, but the sum hasn’t come yet. While we’re alive, we are still working on the parts: our attitude, how we love our families, how we raise our children.

Perhaps not-so-small stuff after all. Don’t sweat too much. Don’t take every moment too seriously, Laugh at yourself.

But a little perspiration is in order. Live obediently. Give weaknesses to Him. Seek joy in the little, and heed His words to work hard and plan well and build up a house and extend kind hands to others.

That will get you sweating, just enough.

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