Coffee House Mom

Fights over superheroes, arguments about toy cars and planes, wrestling matches that started out as fun, but turned into something not-so-fun after someone’s cheek was pinched or one boy’s eye took a hit from another boy’s elbow: these are the conflicts that rise to mind.

It’s a new year. Maybe the rivalry will calm down (a momma can hope).

Besides, that momma also has to gets to fight. And not all fighting is bad.

I’ll be fighting in 2014. Fighting to help a child with a strong will and a lively spirit who gets thrills from doing just exactly the opposite what he shouldn’t, and whose emotions run rampant unexpectedly and often mysteriously.

I’ll be fighting to keep a gracious attitude in the midst of a day, a normal day with spills and stains and hurts and tears and yells and sometimes even screams.

I’ll be fighting the good fight of a Lord’s servant, one who loves Him, but with a heart not always full of faith.

I’ll be fighting for a marriage, a home, one (maybe two) pairs of matched-up socks, an uncluttered kitchen drawer, and an organized house.

What’s your good fight in 2014? Join Lisa-Jo Baker and Five Minute Friday.