A big ice/freezing storm is forecasted for this weekend in these parts. And while the storm isn’t supposed to bring much snow, it reminds me of my family’s favorite homemade snow cones (of course, summer sno/snow cones are made of ice, so the freezing rain is all more lucky).

Making Food With Snow (or ice)


We’ve enjoyed Maple Syrup Snow Candy and Snow Ice cream in recent years. Even with single digit temps, my kiddos still love to eat the cold stuff. Do yours?

One of our favorite snow days treats: Shirley Temple Snow Cones

Grenadine syrup is a tasty ingredient used for making various adult beverages. I’m not much of a drinker, so I had some on hand for the occasional Shirley Temple I like to make at home.

How to Make Snow Cones


Snow Day Snow Cones


It works best to scoop in the snow, add a drizzle of syrup, and stir. Add more snow or syrup as needed. There’s really no strict recipe here, just the stuff of simple dreams.

You don’t even have to bring it inside. Take cups outside and stir it. No disassembling of winter wear required.

If freezing rain is a-falling, set some paper cups outside and see what you can catch. If that doesn’t work, have fun anyway and use crushed ice from your refrigerator dispenser or make it in a blender. Pour syrup over the crushed ice and mix. Enjoy.

And then, moms and dads, you can use that Grenadine for your own adult concoction. ‘Cause after snow days, you’re gonna need it.