I was given the opportunity to sample a few packages of Brazi Bites, a cheese bread snack in the form of bread balls. Um, yum. Cheese bread, known in Brazil as Pão de Queijo, is a popular treat in South America. (Little known fact: I’ve been to Brazil).

Brazi Bites is bringing north a little bit of the taste from way south of the border.

Rhonda Franz Brazi Bites review

There’s cheese in these. Who doesn’t want that?


The Ingredients

I was expecting a list of ingredients with unpronounceable names. Turns out, not only can I pronounce every ingredient, I know what each one is, and I have most of them in my kitchen. Even recipes for Brazilian cheese bread call for these ingredients – and in my book, that is a win. Bonus: Brazi Bites are a gluten-free food! These snacks do contain the allergens milk and eggs.

This cheese bread comes in three flavors: Original, Bacon, and Fire-Roasted Jalapeño.

The Prep

Easy-peasy. Put them on a pan, stick them in the oven, and 20 minutes later you have some nice bread bites to munch on. I stored them in a quart-size bag in the refrigerator (the packaging comes with a zip closure), and warmed up a few in the microwave.

The Ease

There is no mess to these convenient, finger-food snacks. You could set out a bowl on your counter and let the family grab a few when they walk by.

The Taste

These cheese bread balls aren’t bursting with flavor, but it was enough to keep me grabbing them for a nice snack throughout the day. The Jalapeño flavored Brazi Bites contain just the right measure of spicy (kids might not be in to that).


Ideas for using Brazi Bites in your family:

  • As an after-school snack: plain, or dipped in marinara/pasta sauce
  • As a side dish to pasta or pizza
  • Pop a couple in your child’s lunch. My kids ate ’em up.
  • On a breakfast plate (especially the bacon flavor) along with a couple of eggs.
  • As a complement to a salad or soup.

And those are only an introduction to the scrumptious ideas Brazi Bites has for gluten-free mini sandwiches and party appetizers.

Look for Brazi Bites in the freezer section of Whole Foods, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, and Fred Meyer stores.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Brazi Bites for sending me their cheese bread, free of charge. What I’ve written here is my honest opinion. Now, I think I’ll go have a few more.