My kids are suckers for a good breakfast smoothie. Fruity, slushy, creamy: smoothies are full of healthy, whole foods they love and ingredients they don’t know are inside, and I feel like a regular fairy godmother transforming frozen fruits and a dying bananas into magical glasses of goodness. Magical for me because I’ve got breakfast planned, if even a little. Magical for them because even with no added sugar, the drink is practically like dessert.

With a straw, to boot.

I don’t like smoothies at all, but I’m so glad these boys do. Especially in a week when their hungry selves have eaten up all the made-ahead breakfast foods and I’ve procrastinated on making more make-ahead breakfast foods. Especially in a week when I had to clean out a freezer, completely. Especially when I love going to bed at night knowing what tomorrow morning’s meal will be, and that the meal I most need planned is breakfast.

So, this smoothie is the made-ahead thing this week, and took less than two minutes to prep. I dumped in opened bags of frozen berries, a banana, some protein/vegetable/cocoa powder, vanilla, cinnamon, honey: this resides in the refrigerator tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll add almond milk and a few cubes of ice and perhaps some nuts and set it whirring on the blender motor as the boys come downstairs and wonder why the day had demanded their attention.

It’s gonna be so magical.