You guys! I have three party snack ideas for you and all the people you feed. Snacks that are simple, not just for a game day, but for all the parties and potlucks.

Well, we’re still in a bit of a pandemic pickle, aren’t we?

Are you ready for some football?

Originally, this post introduced three game-day snacks with a little talk about all the ways and places these could be used, especially for social gatherings. But for sports events right now, including Superbowl LV, we probably should just lay low.

No. Worries. At. All. The simple foods here are just as ideal for sharing with family as they are for larger gatherings.  Stay all up in your own house. (I just bet we’ll be back to gatherings by summer. Summerish? Something.)

Think of yourself and your family as the test kitchen for when you’re back out in the wild and taking to potlucks and parties things like homemade-from-literal-scratch bread bowls that you perfected during this pandemic.

I’m totally kidding. But just in case you wanna make some crazy scrumptious bread, I’ve got a couple ideas for you right here.

↓ BONUS: Every one of the foods below, if you make an extra, can be used for meals and snacks later in the week. I’ll show you how at the end. ↓


3 Stupid Simple Game Day Snacks


Sausage Balls


These are practically my own little delicacy. The secret to these really good sausage balls is delicious handmade sausage. I get mine from the local butcher who mixes it right there on his counter. It will make (or yes, break) your balls. Don’t save on sausage. Splurge.

Set out a few bowls of sausage balls for the family from kickoff through overtime. Save a bowl in the kitchen for yourself.


Stovetop Popcorn


This isn’t really a snack recipe. I mean, it’s popcorn. But I feel as if the stovetop part is getting missed; we’ve lost an appreciation for how good popcorn can be. I pop mine in a stovetop topper over a gas burner with a little sunflower oil. All it needs after is a bit of salt. Takes about the same amount of time as microwave popcorn, and tastes. So. Much. Better.

game day snacks, stovetop popcorn



Roasted Salsa with Tortilla Chips


Good enough to eat with a spoon or pour over tacos/enchiladas/salads. Better with chips.

Recipe right here.

This is the salsa of salsas, I say. Roasting brings out the sweetness and the best flavors of the ingredients. Dip away.

homemade salsa, game day foods



Now → How to Hack the Rest of the Week With Sausage Balls, Popcorn, and Salsa 


  • Sausage balls can be used for breakfast, lunch, snack, or supper. My family even eats them cold out of a lunchbox. If you’re throwing together a stew, soup, or chili, crumble up these bad boys and put them right in. I’m telling you, these things are the greatest.

  • Stovetop-popped popcorn is an anytime snack. Don’t save it for special events. Line up the family to help divvy up extra popcorn into quart-size zipper storage bags. A healthy after-school snack for the week: DONE. A snack for playing board games and watching movies. DONE.

  • Salsa. Do you do taco Tuesday? Well, here’s your salsa. Need to add flavor to chili? Here’s some salsa. Would you like to spice up those breakfast eggs? Salsa, people.