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It’s spring break time, yes?

Spring break is different as a parent. When I was a teacher, I remember heading out to the parking lot, smile on my face, so ready for a week of my own. A rest from 12-hour days, actually sitting down to eat lunch. (Come to think of it, actually eating lunch.)

Sending my students home to their parents for a whole week.

Of course, I always worked a lot on teaching stuff during spring break:

  • Papers
  • Lesson planning & activities
  • Cleaning up my classroom
  • Catching up (but hardly ever getting ahead).
Oh, teachers: can I get an Amen?

Now I’m the parent. The family dynamic changes with everyone home. No long travels planned. A day trip, perhaps.

The kids are all mine. All day.

I’ll be on call 24/7, as always. My workdays are 14-16 hours long, and I probably won’t sit down at lunch. How did that happen?

But it’s all cool. We’ll be doing some stuff:

  •  Maybe getting gardens ready for spring planting. We’ll get down and dirty.
  •  We’re already dirty, so we’ll stay outside and experience science!
  •  Play dates with friends – the ones you don’t get to see much when you start school.
  •  Play with matchbox cars and Legos.
  •  Clean up bedrooms a bit, clear out a bit more clutter
  •  Do laundry, like, every day. the kids will love it.
  •  Watch a movie or two.
  •  Run some errands
  •  Bake some cookies
  •  Do some painting. Possibly some crafts. Break out the cool kinetic sand on the  forecasted cloudy days.
I certainly won’t get caught up around the house, much less get ahead. But it’s okay. After all, it’s their spring break, not mine, right? (Wait, when is mine?)
Are you a parent with kids all week? Or a teacher who is sending them off? Do you have a plan, or are you taking each day as it comes?