Hooray for spring!


Farmers Almanac says I shouldn’t plant vegetables in these parts until mid-April, so I picked up flowers instead. I’ll be moving dirt and spreading color. Because of the solo parenting and planned yard work/gardening today my kids need to behave, free-range style. My hope is alive and well.

Spring is a New Season


What’s the best way to eat healthfully? Like this, some say. It’s probably true. Although I’d love it if a few drive-thru restaurants could pull it off.

It’s the start of a new quarter, and I have been working this way much better. Batching is the boss.

This is the best exercise ever. Full disclosure: I did this competitively in my youth. And I do it now for physical (and emotional) well-being. What’s your favorite fitness?

Speaking of well-being, I absolutely believe this about being outdoors. With that, I’m off to the sun.