This post has an affiliate links. In fact, I became an affiliate for Barnes and Noble. In another fact, the whole post is about deals from Barnes and Noble, actually. Because it’s for a bookstore we go to as a family regularly. Use the code via this link, and I’ll save my money for more books. 🙂


Family Fun to the Bookstore


When we get out as a family, we nearly always trek into a bookstore. Barnes and Noble is a favorite. We get good customer service, hot drinks, and have a great time perusing the shelves of bargain books; a perfect place to find quality Christmas gifts or stock up on birthday gifts for children throughout the year. The boys spend a long time in children’s section playing with the toy trains and finding books to put in the shopping basket.

It’s a whole family adventure.

There are two discounts below that your family can take advantage of: one for any item at Barnes and Noble, and another for toys and games (they have a pretty great toy and game section). You could have Christmas shopping nearly wrapped up this week.


The 20% is only good through 12-3-17. That’s soon!

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Take 20% Off Any Item With Code PRESENTS

25% off Toys and Games for the Holiday Season

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Wishing you joy this Christmas, and quality time with your family (at a bookstore, or anywhere else).  ~ Captain Mom