About Me

Rhonda Franz, the Captain Mom

Hi, I’m Rhonda: pilot wife, mom of boys, home operations specialist. I’m also a freelance writer, educator, former special education teacher, worker bee, and Girl Friday for The Women Bloggers.

My boys say I am a “work-all-the-day-girl.” That pretty much sums it up.

About Captain Mom®

I revel in the adventure of being a pilot wife (and occasionally long for some superpowers), but I am not a Super Mom. I do sometimes wear a cape.

I’m a city girl living in the rural woods of Arkansas with my pilot husband and our three boys. It is funnier more fun than I could have ever imagined (also, louder).  I try to keep things aboveboard and organized in a household with a frenzied & unpredictable schedule, mismatched socks, and a bunch of muddy shoes. One reason for this site is to pass along how I roll. Maybe some of it will work for you and yours.

For fun, a few bullet points:

  • I get excited about lots of things. But mostly: education, writing, music, cooking, parenting, great books, good movies when accompanied by large bowls of popcorn.
  • I love Jesus. Because He is so much more than a Sunday school answer..
  • I manage stuff, I take care of things. If it eats, I feed it. If it’s dirty, I clean it (eventually). I schlep small humans from hither to yon and back again.
  • Once upon a time, I taught other people’s children in school. Much of that experience has helped me with parenting. Much of it did not.
  • I’m good at:
    • singing
    • shouting
    • finding joy in the littlest and most simple of things
    • whipping up a decent dinner from scraps in the refrigerator
  • I’m not so good at:
    • housekeeping
    • styling my hair
    • clearing up clutter
    • fancy DIY projects (which I prefer to outsource)
  • I enjoy:
    • talking long walks
    • hiking
    • swimming laps
    • bookstores
    • a long movie and an stovetop-popped popcorn

If this were LinkedIn…


  • I actually don’t do so well on airplanes (motion sickness).
  • At one time or another, I’ve worked as a: soda jerk, nanny, lifeguard, server at a pizza restaurant, grocery store cashier and customer service representative, sign language interpreter, and teacher. I’ve cleaned bathrooms in every job I’ve ever had. Current role included.
  • 14 years ago, I climbed Pike’s Peak. #fistpump

Because social media is fun:

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