Five Minute Friday: Fight

Fights over superheroes, arguments about toy cars and planes, wrestling matches that started out as fun, but turned into something not-so-fun after someone's cheek was pinched or one boy's eye took a hit from another boy's elbow: these are the conflicts that rise to...

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A Life Lived For You

A Life Lived For You

On Christmas   THOUGH HE WAS KING... He was born into poverty. He served others, lived a simple life, and spoke out against legalism (Mark 12:41-44, Matthew 23:23, Mark 7:5-8). He loved others whether or not they loved him (Romans 5:8). He always gave glory to the...

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The First Five Minutes

Last week, I had a royal rant against my trash company. It happened shortly after I noticed a big, orange ACCOUNT HOLD sticker on one of my curb side bags - the bags they didn't pick up. Fortunately for the customer service rep who took my call, the worst of my rant...

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head-shot Hello! I'm Rhonda. Welcome to Captain Mom.® The house is full of boys, the life is rural, and the pilot life schedule is always up in the air...

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