I am hosting Thanksgiving. (No travel, because the on-call status of a Pilot I know.) Guests are coming. A parent. Some in-laws. We’ll have food one way or another for eight people.

It’s all good.

I am not cooking a turkey. Or a ham.


Anyone else out there not cooking a turkey or a ham?


Minor backstory


I don’t really like turkey. I mean, I’ll eat it. I put some on my plate every Thanksgiving so I don’t get harassed. And one time, I ate a whole turkey sandwich after climbing a mountain. (Which is why I can always say to my kids when they get a-picky: “You know, you’re just not hungry enough.”)

But I don’t seek it out turkey meat for myself. My boys like it (irony).

Major backstory


I cook lots. A. Lot. Three boys. Growing, Running in the woods. One is a wrestler. One runs like the wind. One just loves the kitchen and the food it produces.

Of course the kitchen doesn’t actually produce food. I do. And it’s a load of work, even with modern conveniences.

Turkeys are huge, big, gargantuan birds. They gotta to be bought in pounds and pounds like 10 or 15 or something. And then I gotta get up super early and get it in the oven and make sure it’s a certain temperature. (Super minor backstory: I am an early bird, but I like to do other things when I get up early, not cook big birds.) Then I would have to get some help getting it out of the oven without spilling juices and kids would be afoot and there’d be drops and burned skin and spills. And before all this, I’d have to do math like multiplication and division to figure out how big a turkey to buy. And also get a proper pan to cook it in.

No, thank you.

With a salad, I chop and make pretty. With salsa, I mix and stew and blend like magic. With side dishes and sausage balls, I know what I’m doing. 

tossed salad with Parmesan and grape tomatoes

With a turkey, I don’t know at all what I’m doing.

So I’m making salsa and salad, and doing something grand with crusty bread. (I can do grand things with a loaf of crusty bread).

And the guests are bringing more side dishes and desserts. And I’m picking up meats as the main dish for our Thanksgiving table: pork and chicken and sausage from the locals who do good, slow-cooked meats and bbq. Because I’ve pushed the easy(ier) button on several things lately.


crusty bread loaf


So, I’m taking care of things, you know? We’ll have lots of food and snacks and sweets and time with family and laughs and walks outside. I think we’re going to have good weather and sunshine.

But there will no turkey here. Or ham. And I am not feeling guilty. And I bet I’m not alone. If you’re not doing the big bird meat, I don’t want you to feel guilty, either.

Do chime in, won’t you?


And Happy, Happy Thanksgiving


That super cute, albeit somewhat snarky-looking turkey: image on Pixabay by vanfuller55





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