Simple Sausage and Bacon Breakfast Pizza
A simple, scrumptious breakfast pizza that can be eaten hot or cold, for breakfast or snack, cut into triangle slices or haphazardly picked apart.
Other possible ingredients to include:
About that dough
  1. Let it rise and get to room temperature, stretch it out gently and form into a round shape on a large pizza pan or pizza stone.
  2. Be nice and gentle when stretching it out.
Pre-cook the dough a little
  1. Brush the dough with some olive oil and put in a hot oven that’s already preheated to 450 or so for about 7 minutes before removing from the oven adding toppings. This help solidify the crust so it won’t be too soggy.
Cook that pizza
  1. Bake at about 450 for 10ish minutes. Check to make sure your cheese isn’t getting brown and you’re not burning your sausage.
  2. Cut into pizza triangles or any other shape. You can also set it out and let the kids dig in, no utensils required.