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Recession Reminders

Signs of recession are all over, but for me it really hit home last week as I drove on the billboard-laden highway that runs through our region and noticed several boards were “vacant” for advertising space, and… glancing over at the local Starbucks,...

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Drop Me a Line

So a few days ago, my husband got a card in the mail. He read it and then gave to me, grinning. The first line read: “Thanks for last night.” Hmmm. Surely it had to be okay since my husband actually handed me the card, right? Right. Turns out it was...

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What Some Say About Love

The weekend edition of The Today Show did a segment with a couple of “experts” on some of the popular sayings about love. I’m no expert, but we all know that real love is work…   “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”...

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