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A Presidential Education

Yesterday,  I did my parently duty and used the day to educate my children about the historic inaugural event taking place… * My two-year-old watched the television coverage patiently-enthralled at all the vehicles with sirens escorting the new president down... read more

Prayer or Partisanship?

The controversy regarding the invitation by Barack Obama for Rick Warren to pray at the inauguration tomorrow is getting out of hand. Christians are upset, non-Christians are upset, conservatives and liberals are both put off by the idea for political and so-called... read more

Let There Be Life

Two recent articles piqued my interest this week. A Baby Delivered Twice Have you heard about the McCartney baby? Doctors partially removed her from her mother’s uterus and performed surgery to remove a tumor. Then, they put her back inside where she stayed... read more

Sesame Street vs. Politics

The following took place yesterday: The public television channel we use to watch a couple of kid programs cut in with a different show after Sesame Street started and after I was all geared up for an hour’s worth of housework. Turns out they were airing... read more

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