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A Drunken Proposition

Have you heard the latest? There’s a list of college presidents who want the drinking age to be lowered to 18. It’s their view that the whole reason why young people are abusing alcohol is because it is illegal, and therefore the “forbidden... read more

A Bargain for Baby

Out and about on my own one day, I spotted a multi-family garage sale sign advertising lots of items for kids. I zoomed on over and walked up to two strollers sitting side by side on the front lawn. The scenario went a little like this: *  I immediately placed one... read more

A Kitchen Cook’s Alternative Rules

I’m no world-class cook, but I can find my way around a kitchen just fine. I enjoy preparing fresh food and I’m not afraid to alter recipes (i.e not measure anything) in order to make a dish suit my tastes. I’m not afraid to sample and taste as I go... read more

Rescue Recipe: Crispy Cinnamon Triangles

You know when…you’ve been away on a family emergency the week before Easter, and then you come home to a child who has been sick for a few days, and birthday celebrations are postponed and Good Friday and Passover kind of pass you over, and then you get... read more

It’s a Good, Good Friday

Good Friday: one of three days that bring remembrance for the salvation of all mankind. A lifetime came before the three days, where Christ walked, and talked, and told. And gave instructions and lived the example. The example of how we can live out those three days... read more

Review: Brazi Bites Cheese Bread Snacks

I was given the opportunity to sample a few packages of Brazi Bites, a cheese bread snack in the form of bread balls. Um, yum. Cheese bread, known in Brazil as Pão de Queijo, is a popular treat in South America. (Little known fact: I’ve been to Brazil). Brazi... read more

Snow Day Strategy: The Sequel

If snow days this school year were a book, we’d be on, like, the 14th chapter. At this point, I’m just letting the school district handle the details. Too many numbers for me to keep track of, and I don’t like math. Make up the days, don’t make... read more

Sweating the Small Stuff

It’s listening to my son make superhero noises in the bathroom while he is brushing his teeth, the 6.2 minutes when all three children are reading one book together (in peace), watching my sons become the cutest boy band ever with their perfect rhythm, and air... read more

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