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The Monday After Mother’s Day

The Monday After Mother’s Day

This story happened last year: Photo caption: Four empty spaces in the boxes where my boys keep their matchbox cars. Cars that zip and zoom around on the floors and down the hallways in our house and cars the brothers fight over and collect. Cars we find under the... read more
Counting Blessings, One Bullet Point at a Time

Counting Blessings, One Bullet Point at a Time

Family challenges, bad news, hard stuff. Grief. Overwhelm sure can pile on, can’t it? On a day such as this, the Lord weaves His way in to my moments, sometimes in the smallest way possible to bring joy and hope and assurance–with one thread. He reminds me to... read more

Sweating the Small Stuff

It’s listening to my son make superhero noises in the bathroom while he is brushing his teeth, the 6.2 minutes when all three children are reading one book together (in peace), watching my sons become the cutest boy band ever with their perfect rhythm, and air... read more

Choosing to See the Goodness of the Lord

Psalm 27:13 I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. (NIV) Such a glorious statement, but have you read the whole chapter? David has been fearful. His enemies are surrounding him. After pleading and lamenting, he is... read more

Snow Day Activities for Parents (Not Kids)

We’re on infinity snow days, parents. I have honestly enjoyed fun times with my boys, but this long stretch of anti-routine days is going to do us all in if we’re not careful. We’ve done crafts, clay, crayons, cars, blocks, games, play dough, books,... read more

Five Minute Friday: Fight

Fights over superheroes, arguments about toy cars and planes, wrestling matches that started out as fun, but turned into something not-so-fun after someone’s cheek was pinched or one boy’s eye took a hit from another boy’s elbow: these are the... read more

Snowed In: Shirley Temple Snow Cones (Recipe)

You’ve either heard about The Great Snow Storm of 2013, or you’re in it right now. We’ve enjoyed Maple Syrup Snow Candy and Snow Ice cream in recent years. Even with single digit temps, my kiddos still love the cold stuff. Do yours? This week, we... read more

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