In Honor of the Academy Awards, Movies I Will Never, Ever See.

‘Tis the season. Critics and movie-lovers everywhere are talking about the movies they want to see winning a coveted Oscar at the 2014 Academy Awards. They’ve rolled out the red carpet, and the TV audience is cheering on favorites, critiquing the ball gowns, and hoping for handful of interesting acceptance speeches.

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I’m a sucker for awards shows, but I rarely get out to one these days, so I have yet to see the best movies from last year. Thank you, Netflix.

Rather than go on about nominations and actors, I’ve presented a list of movies I won’t be sitting down for. And after reviewing my won’t-watch-movie list, I’m confident about remaining strict about what my children watch.


1. “Deliverance” I’d heard enough from a relative to this movie wasn’t for me. I like to canoe, I love to hike, and I live in the woods. Arkansas is the the butt of jokes about rednecks and inbreeding. So, no.

2. “Silence of the Lambs” I wasn’t allowed to watch R-rated movies as a teenager. When I was staying the night at a friend’s house, and she pulled this out, I called home to ask permission. (Don’t laugh. I would have gotten caught). “Um, no,” my dad said. “You may not.” I’m forever grateful.

3. “Poltergeist” Because my kids are transfixed by the television screen in real life, and that is scary enough.

4. “The Shining” I don’t deny his talent, but the only thing by Stephen King I wish to see is the book he wrote about writing. Make that into a movie, and I just might go see it.

5. “Tron” I’ve kind of seen this movie. It’s my earliest memory of being bored so much I just couldn’t watch it anymore. Huge apologies to science fiction fans and geeks everywhere; I know it’s kind of a cult classic for you. If it helps, you won’t find a bigger Bruce Boxleitner or Jeff Bridges fan anywhere.

What movies have you sworn off? And what movies do you wish you had never seen?

Thanks to djnorway, co-founder of, who shared the beautiful stock.xchng photo of the (empty) pink movie seats. 

Sexy Is as Sexy Does

During yet another waiting room visit, I mindlessly picked up the latest edition of People Magazine. It happened to be this year’s Sexiest Man Alive issue.

(Just for the record: I can NOT believe Johnny Depp was awarded this title. But that’s off topic).

As I (still mindlessly) flipped through a couple of pages, I was speechless. Really. All I could think was how ridiculous these scantily-clad grown men looked. And I was wishing that someone would tell them to, at least, button up their shirts.

I don’t see the appeal of grown men parading around in attire that is only cute on a two year old boy. In his own home.

I closed the magazine, but not before a back-of-the-issue title caught my eye. It was an article about Tim Loftus who, along with his wife Ellen, has adopted several children with special needs, and made sure they have all received much-needed medical care. A photo of their beautiful family (all appropriately-clothed) was published with the story.

Now that folks, is what I call sexy.

Realty Reality

photo by svilen001

A friend who has always lived in rented dwellings is currently in the process of buying a home. She called about a few things:

Her: “There’s a bunch of paperwork about lead paint.”

Me: There goes your health. “Yeah, that has to be disclosed.”

Her: “Does this house have it (the one she’s about to buy)?”

Me: Probably. “What year was it built?”

Her: “1945”

Me:  Oh boy. “Yes, it has lead paint.”

Her: “What do I do about it?”

Me: “Um, don’t eat it.”  And don’t let kids lick the walls.

Her: “This is a lot of stuff to sign.”

Me: Is your hand getting tired? “Yes it is.”

Her: “I feel like I’m signing my life away.”

Me: You are. “Nah, that’s just part of the process.”

Her: I don’t understand most of what it says.

Me: No one does. “Really? I understood every word when I bought a house.”

Her: “It needs a little paint here and there.”

Me: So, it’s a money pit, huh? Have fun with that. “What fun! You’re going to be fixing up a house just the way you want it!”

Her: “But hey, there’s a great tax credit this year for first-time home buyers.”

Me: “Why yes, there is!” Of course, you’ll need it for all the repairs that will show up about one week after close. Things that, during the official inspection, were perfectly fine.

Her: “Well, I’m glad I called you. I can always count on your encouragement and support”

Me: “I’m here for you, girl.”  Really, I am.

Headlines From Me to You

Here’s a headline for all the stay-at-home moms:

Stay-at-home mom, six-figure salary

See? We haven’t all lost our heads.

You go, girl.


photo by LotusHead

Fortune, and a “break” from fame

Jon and Kate takes break while family “regroups”

The show must doesn’t have to probably shouldn’t go on.


So, we’re trying to go to the moon again.

This is a well-timed (no doubt a well-choreographed shot in the arm for NASA) and interesting commentary by a man who has actually been to space, but I think we have too much down here we need to put our $$$ toward.

Let’s aim for Mars

First, let’s aim for health care coverage.

Stuff I Think You Should Click On

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Some call it “link love,” others call it “favorite sites.” I’m calling it: I-didn’t-make-the-time-to-write-something-really-cool-for-today-so-here-are-some-sites-you-might-want-to-check-out.

Today, it’s all about the parenting gig.

Child Perspective is a blog I recently discovered. The quote at the top hooked me, and I’ve appreciated this mom’s pieces on topics from connecting with your children, to potty training, to her willingess to tackle some tough and touchy subjects.

Need a good laugh? When the laundry is spilling out the windows, and the floor is covered with toys, and you’ve received a good sassing from the child you labored 28 hours for – hide in the bathroom with your laptop and take in After the Bubbly. This mom writer’s witty commentary will decrease the stress in no time. Watch for her blog to soon become a website!

Abc Jesus Loves Me is an all-inclusive preschool curriculum site geared toward preparing your child for Kindergarten while giving them a solid foundation in the Bible. It contains everything: complete lesson plans, printables and resources. The author also regularly includes mommy/parenting tips.