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Practically Perfect

Just my own quick review for a book truly worth the time spent reading and energy spent laughing. Practically Perfect in Every Way by Jennifer Niesslein (cofounder of Brain, Child Magazine) is a witty account of her experience treading in the waters of advice from...

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Your Emergency-Stay-in-a-Hotel Survival Guide

...from a mom who knows. The recent reprise of winter weather  in parts of the country reminds me of the ice storm we experienced a couple of months ago. The one that had me and mine tucked away in a hotel for six days with electricity, hot water, and all sorts of...

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The Kind of News I Like

Some days, I just want to read the "good news" headlines. Today is one of those days.   U.S. Cracking Down on Mortgage Scammers I'll be even happier if any of these folks actually do hard time. Michelle Obama: America's new style icon knows just what to pack Ok,...

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An Open Letter to the CBS Sunday Morning show

Dear Sunday Morning (and Ms. Stahl), I've been a watcher of your program for several years now. I have appreciated the good journalism, the humor, and the amount of time allowed for each story (which differs greatly from the  as-fast-as-you-can news pieces delivered...

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