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An Open Letter to the CBS Sunday Morning show

Dear Sunday Morning (and Ms. Stahl), I've been a watcher of your program for several years now. I have appreciated the good journalism, the humor, and the amount of time allowed for each story (which differs greatly from the  as-fast-as-you-can news pieces delivered...

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A Path of Resistance

A couple of years ago or so, a friend of mine who knows I write suggested I start a blog.  Wrinkling my nose, I informed her that an online presence just wasn't something I found appealing. It took me another year and decision to at least do it for the "know how" to...

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Taking Inventory

Inventory is something businesses and non-profits must do from time to time. I remember doing this once a school year as a teacher. It meant recording all the items in my classroom: every last little wooden chair, cubby shelf, and pack of chalk. Little man #1 has this...

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The Random List

I was sent some version of the "25 things list" on email last year, and I think the year before that. Now, I hear it's quite the trend on Facebook. I've enjoyed reading my friends' lists.  Writing my own was a cathartic process. So, here's my list.  And yes, it's a...

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